Two Priests Walk into a Bistro

There were five of us work colleagues sitting in a now defunct Bistro trying to determine the difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame. The menu was no help and the scarce staff finally did answer the question after emerging from an extended absence. Turns out they are the same sandwich except the madame has the bonus of an egg on top.

The restaurant was typically devoid of patrons at lunch which is likely why the restaurant now ceases to exist. They were having a particularly busy day though with our crowd of one female and four males. Over in the corner there were two older ladies murmuring about how anyone could not want an egg on top of a sandwich. About the time we were ready to order, two gentlemen entered the bistro dressed from head to toe in black, sporting gray hair and clad in clerical collars. Since it was nowhere near Halloween I presumed they were, in fact, real priests.

We ordered our food and in keeping with the expected pace of the place, we eventually received our meals. Our conversation was lively, animated and punctuated with laughter throughout our dining experience. When we finally got up to leave, we passed by the two priests and one of them engaged us in conversation. He said it seemed like we were having a lot of fun together and inquired, "how do you know each other?" I was the eldest of my lunch mates and felt it my duty to speak, one father to another. I answered with a single word and solemnly stated, "polygamy." The wide eyes and agape mouths from my crowd quickly gave way to a roar as the priests joined in laughter at the absurdity of my delivery.